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This website will provide you with basic information about Botswana, bilateral relations between the Republic of Botswana and the Republic of Botswana, . It also highlights areas of interest in tourism, showcases Botswana’s business opportunities, and devotes considerable space to Consular matters including the visa application process as well as activities undertaken by the High Commission of the Republic of Botswana in Gaborone.

As you browse through this website, we can guarantee that you will be influenced by the scenic splendor of the country and irresistible temptation to visit our tourism attractions. I also trust that, coupled with policies that provide a market-oriented liberalised economic environment in a strife-free, multicultural society, Botswana offers rich depth of diversity of investment opportunities that are spread right across the country.

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BUSINESS Opportunity

We are in a position to advise on the most trending business in Botswana. Business opportunities, partnership opportunities and dealer ..


Botswana has opened her doors to all kinds of investors are interested in doing business in the country to do so, be it in tourism industry or mining or ...


It is not a secret Botswana as a country excell in agriculture, the education system is structured in such a way that graduates excell in anything


Once one has determined that they need a visa, the purpose of their visit and the appropriate visa fee to pay, lodge an application with us.